Seema Haider ने सलमान खान के शो बिग बॉस 17 को किया रिजेक्ट, बोली- जब भी ऐसा कोई प्लान होगा…


Recently there was news that Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan, will be seen in the reality show Bigg Boss 17. After this news went viral, the news started flying on the internet that Seema has got the offer of Kapil Sharma show. Now reacting to this, Seema has told the whole truth. Seema said that currently there is no plan to participate in any show in Kapil Sharma Show and Bigg Boss 17. Seema said that whenever there is such a plan, I will definitely tell you all. After this statement of Seema, her lawyer AP Singh also gave a statement through video. It would not be legally appropriate for Seema to participate in any show. Seema’s lawyer said that the investigation is still going on. Investigation is going on by government agencies.

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