कपिल शर्मा के नये शो से बाहर हुई सुमोना चक्रवर्ती! कृष्णा अभिषेक-अर्चना गौतम सहित इन्हें मिली जगह


Comedian Kapil Sharma is bringing a new show for the audience. Krishna Abhishek, Archana Gautam, Kiku Sharda and Rajiv Thakur will be seen in the show, but Sumona Chakraborty is not seen in it. Kapil Sharma’s new comedy show will come on Netflix. He has posted its video on his Instagram. In the caption of the video, he wrote, only the house has changed…not the family. At the same time, fans are a little upset after not finding Sumona in the video. Sumona has been doing shows with Kapil Sharma for a long time. She accompanies him to the concerts held abroad. In such a situation, the fans have become very sad after not finding him.

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