How to strengthen health in epidemic: Shane Makan


Physical fitness has become one of the biggest concern amid the pandemic. With extensive lockdowns and limitations on outdoor movement, fitness has taken a backseat. The activity levels are very low and the motivation to work for your body is slowly fading away. In these testing times, Shane Makan, a fitness enthusiast and trainer, is helping people reclaim their health and physique via digital methods. He aims to transform the mindset that fitness is only cultivated inexpensive workout arenas and with overkill equipment.

Shane Makan is a certified fitness trainer who uses Instagram to connect to his clients and provide virtual training sessions via live video conferencing, specialized training programs and supplementation suggestions. He is one of the few bodybuilders to earn the title of IFBB Pro which demands a lot of sacrifice and years of dedication to the art of bodybuilding to reach a certain physique. His passion for bodybuilding earned him global recognition and after a successful career as a bodybuilder, he now strives to cultivate the mindset of fitness across the globe.

Shane Makan communicates with several new clients on daily basis and is surprised by the rising number of unfit youth around the world. He says, “My day begins with client meetings who want to bring a change in their bodies as soon as possible. This perception about fitness needs to change if we want to become the most successful version of ourselves. I try to make my clients understand that it is good to have a fit body and mind rather than just looking the part. Physical fitness and strength are acquired throughout the incessant struggle and once you embrace the fitness lifestyle, there is no going back. You have to understand that this body is what will get you far in life and if it doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to, your career and health will take a toll.”

Shane Makan aims to reach as many people as possible via his social channels. He regularly converses with his clients and fans and encourages them to carve out a small time in the entire day for physical activity.