Aditya L1 Launching: सौर मिशन की उलटी गिनती शुरू, ISRO ने कहा, ‘रॉकेट-सैटेलाइट तैयार’, VIDEO


India’s first Suryaan will be launched from Sriharikota on 2nd September. According to the information given by ISRO, this mission of India will be launched at 11.50 am. Giving information about the ‘Aditya-L1’ mission related to studying the Sun, ISRO said that the launch rehearsal and internal testing of the rocket has been completed. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman S. Somnath said on Thursday that the space agency is preparing for the launch of the country’s ambitious solar mission ‘Aditya-L1’ on September 2 and the countdown for its launch will start from tomorrow. This mission is to be launched from Sriharikota Space Center on September 2 at 11.50 am.

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